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Quality Executive Protection in Baltimore, MD

We all know that busy schedules can be grueling both mentally and physically. Our quality executive protection in Baltimore, MD, allows your key staff members to relax more and spend time with significant account holders and other shareholders without the security worries. You can rely on our specialists to keep you and your family out of harm’s way, no matter what happens.

 At Dunmire LLC, we believe that good protection should never be an interruption to your daily schedule. It should, however, be conducted efficiently in the background. We prefer to keep things moving in a positive flow to stay on top of your schedule and transportation so we can maintain control and provide top-notch security for you.

The Key to Success is Being Prepared

 Problems can appear at any given time so being prepared is the key to our success. Our executive protection training program ensures that our team is fully trained to handle any situation that occurs.  The difference is that we base our strategies on a proactive process of risk analysis and mitigation. We never use the wait-and-see approach. Your safety is our priority, so half-measures are not acceptable.

 Not only are we committed to your staff members, but your company’s health is also a consideration we don’t overlook. If something jeopardizes one of your executive’s safety, it also compromises the financial health of your company. For example, if someone robs them and takes computers or other devices that contain company data and it’s highly publicized, it could expose a possible security flaw for your business. It may then trickle down to confidence, and stock levels could drop as a result. Our professionals arrive prepared so these types of scenarios can’t manifest.

Executive and Corporate Security Training

Our successful bodyguard company offers comprehensive training with instructors who have law enforcement and combat experience. Some of the programs we host include:
  • Personal Protection Specialist Training
  • Firearms Certification
  • Tactical Training
  • Surveillance Training
Executive Protection in Baltimore, MD

Alternatively, our programs are designed in such a way that they can be useful for a team or an individual. Taking advantage of these skillful instructions will ensure your staff is prepared for any situation that presents itself and you gain confidence knowing you’re protected.

In the world we live in today, it’s imperative that nothing is taken for granted. There are people who, for personal gain, have no limits to their cruel behavior. Our incredible team can help prepare your bodyguard services and aid in building confidence for you and your business.

Contact our comprehensive security company today for all your protection needs. We proudly serve Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area.