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Effective and Thorough Private Investigator Services in Baltimore, MD

Regardless of what people say about money, information is what truly makes the world go around. Information is only as useful as the individual who gathers it. A disreputable person or out-of-date material isn’t going to provide quality evidence or data. When you are seeking reliable information from a qualified source turn to Dunmire Security, LLC, for dependable private investigator services in Baltimore, MD.

We strive to acquire the knowledge you need, whether it’s for a court case, an insurance matter, or some other issue. When we hand over the information we’ve gathered, you can be sure it’s reliable and accurate. The results of our investigations are products you can present to the court with confidence.

Bringing it all Together

Our private detective service works closely with you to learn what you wish to know, and then we set out to find whatever we can. We operate with a combination of many methods, such as surveillance and investigation, to scan and acquire the material you are seeking. While we are gathering the information, we keep you updated, so you know the status of the matter and the progress we are making. In that way, you have peace of mind that your needs are being met.

A Trained Professional Working for You

A private investigator is not the person you’ve seen in movies and read about in books lurking in the shadows and dealing with unsavory characters. Our detectives are fully trained professionals who are well versed in all of the latest methods of gathering information. We follow fully legal practices so that whatever we find on your behalf is admissible in court.

Of course, not all the material we gather is for legal purposes, sometimes we are called upon to perform background checks for employers or undertake executive protection, and we bring the same diligence and attention to detail those types of tasks as well.

A Camera Used for Private Investigation Services in Baltimore, MD

Keeping Watch

When you need information regarding a person and their activities, that is the time to rely upon a private detective for surveillance. It’s not the kind of task that an amateur should undertake as it’s often delicate and time-consuming, and it can also be difficult to avoid detection.

We offer many types of surveillance from mobile, to stationary, or a combination of both. No matter what information you are looking for, we will use all of the tools at our disposal to make sure you get what you need.

Contact us to learn more about how our private detectives can help you. We proudly serve clients in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area.