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Your Private Detective Service in Baltimore, MD

When it comes to the judicial system, truth is essential--and many times, the best way to find that truth is to turn to a qualified private detective. At Dunmire LLC, we know that while dishonest people may hide, there is always evidence that uncovers the truth of any situation. Our private detective service in Baltimore, MD, ensures that you get the evidence you need to proceed with more confidence in your personal or legal journey.

At our company, we work to combine methods, such as surveillance and investigation, to get you the facts you need as quickly as possible. We keep you updated on what we find, allowing you to have more peace of mind throughout the process.

Helping You Make Important Decisions

Having the right information is useful in a variety of situations. When most people think about private detective contractors, they picture the person gathering data for a legal case or catching an unfaithful spouse. While these situations do arise, our services can also be used to orchestrate safety and security procedures and make business decisions. Whenever you need information you can’t find on your own; private detective services can be an incredible tool. We also over 

Superior Surveillance Services

When you need information about another person, or multiple people, surveillance is often one of the best ways to accomplish this. Unfortunately, not all surveillance services are performed equally. When you work with us, we work with you to determine what kind of information you need. For example, if you suspect someone of fraud, mobile surveillance may be right for your needs. If, on the other hand, you know someone is stealing from your home or business and want to catch them in the act, stationary surveillance is best.

Our private detectives assess the situation to ensure the targets can’t avoid detection. Once we have the information you need, we coordinate our findings so you can get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Private Detective Service in Baltimore, MD

A Full-Service Private Detective Company

Investigations can be tiring. With all the uncertainty and waiting, you may feel that getting answers or getting justice is out of your grasp. But by working with our team, you can get the information you need about suspicious people or situations.

Our private detective contractors use a range of methods to ensure you get speedy and accurate information. These include surveillance and undercover solutions that give you a better understanding of the situation. It all starts with a free initial consultation. During this first step, we’ll discuss the details and risks of your case so you understand the possible and probable outcomes before proceeding. Our goal is to give you the information you need and to ensure courtesy and professionalism throughout your case.

Contact us to begin working with our private detective service. We proudly serve clients throughout Baltimore, as well as Columbia, Towson, Hunt Valley, and Frederick, Maryland.